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Ecopulse, Inc., is a Virginia-based small business. Presently, it deals mostly with curved crystals. These are widely used for x-ray spectroscopy of plasmas. Cylindrical and spherical shapes are most common, in part because they are relatively easier to make and can be used in many situations, but specialized and therefore more expensive shapes can be better in particular cases.

Spherically curved crystals are uniquely suited for imaging x-rays: since crystals reflect only specific x-ray energies back along an optical axis, monochromatic crystal imaging works better for some monochromatic x-ray sources with their matching crystals than for others.

More details about crystals that can be supplied are here, together with some papers on how such crystals reflect x-rays in detail. Should you be interested in such crystals, please send an email to Ecopulse's Nino R. Pereira, at, for further information.

Ecopulse's primary activity used to be research and development for the US Government, much of it in cooperation with the Naval Research Laboratory or the Army Research Laboratory in the Washington DC area. Almost all the results are published in the scientific literature, some with Ecopulse's Nino R. Pereira as the lead author and some with others in the lead. Certain papers are memorable, some because they have reportedly been useful and others because they have been particularly satisfying to do. The papers are here, together with some commentary on why they may be worth a look or have been enjoyable to do. All of Nino R. Pereira's papers are downloadable there as well.

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